Sports+ Music Video is an award-winning video company with a difference. We focus on local sporting competitions and events around Melbourne. That’s right - a video service provider that is there for teams that don’t normally end up on TV! Whether you play Aussie Rules, Soccer, Netball, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, or anything in between, SMV can put you in the picture. We understand the budgetary constraints local teams work under, so we can tailor a package to suit just about anyone.

SMV specialise in creating video resumés, sponsorship packages, motivational packages and videos for end-of-season presentation nights. As well as providing these comprehensive packages, SMV also provides traditional video services such as:

- Video recording games/events
- Transferring Footage to DVD/VHS
- Printing on DVDs
- Making copies of DVDs/Video tapes

SMV is proud to win the
Leader Business Acheiver Award 2007!

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